Thursday, February 02, 2006

welsh assembly the crazydave diaries

Well tues 31/1/06 came and went and it was all quiet at the assembly, the ole banners on the roadside furniture, and not a goon from cardiff county council come to remove them. But then its been like that for the last 2 years, if you look at the above banner it was the 2nd I ever made, initially it did read prediction maybe. But when Jane Hutt refused an appointment I changed it to Oh Yes! Not that anythings changed even though she did eventually resign but not over the failure of care of all the groups mentioned.
Normally I don't turn up twice in a week anymore, one seems enough because they havent taken any notice, which is why I made the Welsh assembly in disgrace banner, well they ought to be, cos they go on about poverty in wales enogh in their plenary sessions but damn they don't want to listen to solutions that might make a difference to these groups. Guess it must be me, guess its cos I've put forward the solutions that they cannot abide them.
So on wed 1/2/06 I get their early to sit in on the Health and Social Service committee meeting, cept that I was half an hour late and missed most of the social services inspectorate report, must look it up soon. I've renamed them the social services protectorate because I've tried raising certain short falls about social services with them and guess what 'They don't deal with individual complaints' can you figure that one out, maybe just maybe individual complaints would highlight systemic failures, but then I really wonder if they want to discover those.
But oh how many people there were there on the wednesday, heaving we had the UNISON people worrying over their pensions hey dude the vulnerable ain't never gonna get a pension their just got the pittance the state thinks their worthy of receiving but damn the vulnerable sure do give others a very nice lifestyle, all those professional elite, and that list is endless, all doing very nicely thank you Crazydave.
Then we had the Media frenzy over the HERSEPTIN protestors, makes me laugh, I've been turning up for Two years ain't never been on the TV, infact at one time one of the banners read 'The MEDIA in Wales spit on its people by ignoring these issues' and ain't that the truth.
'Hey maybe you need a multinational drug company buying news space for you Dave' yep maybe I do. But at least I handed the take the piss ombudsman letter to Doc Gibbon minister for health n social services, jonathan morgan am who did speak up about the shit housing being built in this city during the hssc meeting and for a conservative am that amazed me, plus rhodri glyn thomas, and Mr. Mike German, who treats me like I've got the plague but then hes not the only one there who does as much, maybe I reveal their prejudices to them, that causes them to try and run away when ever I approach them.
Just like Glyn Davies one of the four who failed to push the police in investigating the Stepping Stone theft of my Simpson idea. Ole Glyns got rel upset that I had the cheek to even talk to him, yeah Glyn how about those roof water collection systems dude or don't you think your constituents deserve cheaper water dude, or what about asking the minister about the small scale windmills for domestic use so that we aren't all dependant on the national grid for our electical supply, but then he was in a rush, yeah yeah yeah.
Thats it for today, times up in the library.
Say thank ya Divine one for the internet, and oh you sad sad sad MEDIA DUDES.
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